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custom choker, Custom Crawling Eye Beaded Choker



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When I sta custom chokerrted ma custom chokerking my cra custom chokerwling eye dolls, I ha custom chokerd some one a custom chokersk me to ma custom chokerke them a custom choker cra custom chokerwling eye they could ca custom chokerrry a custom chokerround with them. So I sta custom chokerrted ma custom chokerking these wea custom chokerra custom chokerble Eye pieces. Your custom choker will be 15 inches or 38.10 cm in length.The toggle cla custom chokersp will be silver or gold meta custom chokerl a custom chokernd the bea custom chokerding will be done over a custom choker velour covered cord. Your choice of eye is either ca custom chokerst resin or ha custom chokernd pa custom chokerinted gla custom chokerss. When you purcha custom chokerse this order for a custom choker custom piece, let me know- 1. wha custom chokert color scheme you ha custom chokerve in mind a custom chokernd wha custom chokert kind of bea custom chokerds you like. 2. Whether you wa custom chokernt gold or silver findings. 3. Wha custom chokert type, size a custom chokernd color of eye you wa custom chokernt. This will a custom chokerllow me to pull bea custom chokerds, shells etc of different types a custom chokernd colors together a custom chokernd photogra custom chokerph them. Then I ca custom chokern e-ma custom chokeril the choices to you. Including the pla custom chokernning sta custom chokerges, you choker should ta custom chokerke 2-3 weeks to complete. I like to give you the cha custom chokernce to ta custom chokerke time to ma custom chokerke choices when I send you photos of sa custom chokermples. Specia custom chokerl bea custom chokerds or custom eyes a custom chokerre 20 to 30 dolla custom chokerrs extra custom choker. In a custom choker sepa custom chokerra custom chokerte order.My shipping cha custom chokerrges include posta custom chokerge, the box, pa custom chokercking ma custom chokerteria custom chokerls, a custom chokernd delivery confirma custom chokertion. Insura custom chokernce is optiona custom chokerl. By e-ma custom chokeriling me your zip code or country, I ca custom chokern give you a custom choker more a custom chokerccura custom chokerte shipping cost tha custom chokern the listed estima custom chokerte. If there a custom chokerre a custom chokerny la custom chokerrge overa custom chokerges on my pa custom chokerrt they will be refunded.

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