Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

nature, A sterling silver daisy necklace



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A silver ha naturendma naturede Da natureisy neckla naturece supplied on a nature silver 18 inch ba naturell cha naturein.This wa natures origina naturelly ma naturede by pressing a nature rea naturel da natureisy (from my ga naturerden) into a nature mold, this bea natureutiful penda naturent is simply gorgeous with so much texture.Supplied on a naturen 18 inch ba naturell cha naturein it is the perfect gift for a nature best friend, tea naturecher, da natureughter or a nature mother, even better a nature girl ca naturelled Da natureisy.The neckla naturece is a nature bea natureutiful a naturend unique gift of love for a natureny of your loved one. Ma naturede to order, plea naturese a naturellow 7 working da natureys.2cm x 2cm weighs 4g

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