Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hugs and kisses necklace silver plated FREE SHIPPINGfor women, No tax



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This is a free shipping bea free shippingutiful hugs a free shippingnd kisses neckla free shippingce on a free shippingn 18 inch Venetia free shippingn box cha free shippingin. " Ever been told to sign a free shippingt the "X" or initia free shippingl here when a free shippinguthorizing a free shipping document? In the Middle Ages illitera free shippingcy wa free shippings common, which led to the use of "X" to sign correspondence. Also "X" wa free shippings linked to the Christa free shippingin cross, which further a free shippingsserted it's use a free shippings trustworthy a free shippingnd a free shippinguthentic. It eventua free shippinglly evolved to mea free shippingn "kiss". Some people link it's physica free shippingl resembla free shippingnce to 2 people kissing. The history of "O" isn't a free shippings clea free shippingr. One theory suggests it's connection to tic-ta free shippingc-toe. This ga free shippingme wa free shippings crea free shippingted not long a free shippingfter the first use of "X" mea free shippingning kiss a free shippingnd with nothing to represent hug perha free shippingps "O" wa free shippings chosen for it's simplicity. Some believe "O" resembles a free shipping mouth a free shippingnd over time beca free shippingme ingra free shippingined in culture." FREE SHIPPING!!!

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